PARASITE® Pedal for effect MK1

FX for FX, one pedal to rule them all !

Our Award winner is simply a new effect ! Invented by our designer last year, the PARASITE® is the one true effect for effects. It gives you the power to master dry and wet and allows you to control over the alternation of two signals in real time. It sublimates your favorite pedal and reveals the one you don’t use any more ! The PARASITE works with every effect and electric instrument, it’s a totem for shoe gazers and the perfect vessel for pioneers.

  • Frequency control for alternation between WET and DRY signals
  • Control of balance, with or without alternation
  • Connection for expression pedal, for a total foot-control of speed or balance
  • 100% analog effect
  • True Bypass
  • Can be used as a TREMOLO
  • Can alternate between the signals of two instruments

A must for pioneers. Pandora’s box is still opened !

Proudly invented and made in France. soldered, engraved and polished by hand.


Public Price : 169€ (VAT included)