BUFFALO® Miniature self-powered buffer

Small and cute, self-powered and powerfull

The BUFFALO® (BUFF+Analog Load Optimizer) is the smallest self-powered Buffer on the market. If you like your signal, don’t loose it anymore when you use long cables ! Powered with a small and cheap 23A battery, The Buff-alo® can sit on 12V to do the job : and it does it well !



  • 100% analog effect
  • Works with an external power supply (9-12V) or a 12V A23 Battery
  • Small enclosure (2×1,5 inches)
  • Input impedance : > 1 mégaohm
  • Output impedance : < 300 ohms
  • Two bipolar transistors put in Darlington pair



Proudly made in France. soldered, engraved and polished by hand.


Public price : 79€ (VAT included)