THE FRENCH CONNECTION : they have faith in us !

They use our effects and inspire us


We met Jake during the 2016 summer NAMM, as he was playing for HJC Custom.

Behind this gentle guy, hides an alchemist of growling licks, obsessed with ODs and Fuzzy sound, so we were meant to meat each other !

Jake is Gritter‘s bassist and this metal band is so promising : they play well, they play loud and are so inspired that we had to participate to its agressive groove.

Jake uses his customised OVERBASS® on stage and soonly in studio. We are really proud to colaborate with him !

Jake Ryan Coleman

Jonathan MUNNIER

Jon met us during the summer NAMM where he was endorsing Warwick and Bartolini.

The man is a briliant bassplayer but also an engineer and a mixer.

To complete that, he is also a dedicated falconer. A passionate man indeed !

Jonathan use his OVERBASS® on stage but also propose this device to the musicians he records. Thanks for supporting the french connection Jon !

promo Jon 2



One bighearted bassist with serious licks, who joins the French Connection.

The man is huge, in many ways, and we just feel happy to have him among our team of artists !

He plays on an extended range bass : a 7-strings Warwick Corvette from the custom Shop, which he also endorses.

And to keep its signal distorted, without loosing his precious low-bottom, the man just needed an OVERBASS Jr®.

We now have a giant in the French connection !

promo Chris 1



The French connection is all about the ladies… And Ladybass is all about us !

Brittany has so much talents : she runs clinics all over the States, she is a devoted teacher but above all, she is a consumate bassist.

Brittany was looking for an versatile overdrive : agressive if needed, but also responsive.

She has chosen an OVERBASS Jr® to do the job. And we are proud to welcome her in the French Connection !

Promo Britt 1

Logo French connection